I and my wife had a great experience working with Karson. We couldn’t be happier with the result. At first, we has a hard time to deal with the real estate market of Vancouver, processes, negotiations, and all the details that could affect in decision making. We got overwhelmed and frustrated by the one of the biggest financial decision of our lives. I truely believe we were so lucky to have Karson. He is experienced, knowledgeable, reliable, professional, honest, responsible, and friendly. He guided us with his knowledge, experience, and market analysis. Also, he was very professional in arranging all the other parties including sellers’ realtors, financial, inspection, legal to make the overall process silk smooth. With his help, we could make a very satisfying decision. I will definately call him again without a single second hesitation for any future buyings or sellings. I will recommend him with confidence to anyone around me who wants to buy or sell a property in Vancouver. Just saying ‘thank you’ is never enough to express our appreciation. Thank you again, Karson.

Semin Sim

We were totally pleased with Karson Wong’s performance. He was pleasant, listened well and was very well informed with market trends in our are. He came highly recommended by a previous client of his who lives in the same complex with us. We have no hesitation to recommend him to our friends and other prospective parties wishing to buy or sell.
Good luck, Karson

Peter and Ruth Karius

With Karson’s professional help, I found a place that is exactly I was looking for. I am extremely satisfied with his professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to assess your needs vs budget. Karson is also constantly looking for opportunity to add value to your home-purchase experience. He is very knowledgeable and experienced. I’d definitely recommend Karson as your real-estate agent. I’d certainly look for him again when looking for an upgrade in future.


Karson has 10+ years experience in real estate industry in Metro Vancouver. He is a detailed person and work very hard, always able to proactively consider the pro/con for his clients. He is a responsible person and always try to find solutions for the issues. I am very happy with Karson’s service.

Richard J

I would describe my overall experience with Karson’s service to be excellent. My thoughts about Karson’s personality is that he is very responsible, organized, and hard working. Being a overseas purchaser, i was impossible for me to be present to visit the open houses. However, Karson would visit open houses for us along with taking video recordings of the house as well as videos of the surroundings of the buildings and roads. Also, Karson would give professional advices on pricing as he is familiar with different prices in different areas( Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Richmond, White Rock.). I choose Karson as my realtor because I trust him as a professional. He is responsible and he would give advices based on the fundamentals of investments and weighting out the pros and cons of each investment. I appreciate most as a client when dealing with Karson is his work ethnic. I would recommend Karon’s services to my friends because he is a professional that can be trusted.

Chi Ho Hui

I was very comfortable when buying real estate because Karson Wong was a professional and driving force as a realtor. I believe he has the ability to cope with market trends. He is a realtor who works as a team with his wife who speaks Chinese, English, and Korean and does his best for customers. So, I want to ask him to buy and sell my house in the future and introduce him to my friends as well.


Thanks to Karson, we were able to sell 2 properties. Karson helped us with his vast knowledge of the real estate market and gave us some advice on how to make our properties marketable. Great job!

Victor Risma

He knows how to help customer. And he is best seller and also buyer agent. I spend my time to sell my confo and buy townhouse for 5 months. I sm very hsppy eith him

Changryong Lee

Karson在帮我们挑选合适的房子时候非常有耐心。尽管我们看了许多许多房源都没有做决定, Karson 还是非常耐心的建议我们,再提供合适我们的房子。很少有经纪不会催促你做决定,K arson尊重我们对每个房源的意见,不会催促我们。在帮我们卖房子的时候,Karson 做了很多open house.帮我们卖到了期望的价格。以后的房子买卖我们都会选择Karson的团队。

Karson is very patient and he worked hard to find best fit properties for us to view. He respected our decisions on every property we viewed and never push you to rush decisions to buy. We would like to recommend Karson to you and we will keep trust Karson as team for our future real estate purchases and sells.

Tina Wang

We were first-time buyers, and we needed a lot of hand-holding. Karson was very knowledgeable and patient, explained all the necessary details step by step. Drove us to a number of open houses at the beginning, and helped us come to a reasonable decision given the price range and location we were considering. Eventually, it was clear to us what type of place (e.g., sq ft, room number, which floor) would be good for us, and Karson was able to inform all the details about the places we were interested in. Ultimately, no matter which agent you use, buyer need to make a decision about what he really wants, rank his priorities accordingly, and most importantly, should verify all the recommendations from multiple sources. First-time buyers are not generally aware of this process, and that’s where an agent can help. Karson helped us come to that decision and explained the process well, responded to my requests quickly, recommended suitable services (e.g., home inspection, bank), assigned a different agent for a situation when he could not be available, had a good understanding with the seller’s agent, and suggestions were constructive and helpful. As first-time buyers, we learned a lot from Karson, happy with his services and would recommend without hesitation.
first-time buyer

Karson Wong has demonstrated excellent customer focus and service, excellent market knowledge, work ethic, and professional integrity. He also handled the sale of our condo with selling price exceeding our expectation within a very short period of time. We credit Karson with a smooth, stress-free home buying and selling experience. We are very pleased with Karson and his expertise and we recommend him to everyone.

E chan

He is Very friendly, and we felt comfortable to discuss about new property anytime. He show and gave us tons of options we could quickly make decision when we found right place.

James Hwang

Karson was very professional in helping me select my home. He waited in line 5 days on December just to help me buy the presale of my choice,even though he injured his left knee and just came out of surgery not too long ago! Thanks again,Karson.

Jennifer Lee

I’m very happy to recommend Karson Wong,
From the beginning of the process, through to completing the sale, his knowledgeable and professional approach made the process of buying our first home a smooth one.

Karson’s real estate understanding is comprehensive, from larger market trends, to financing, to neighborhood values, right down to the pros and cons of different building materials. There wasn’t a question that I threw at him, that he couldn’t answer with thoughtful and helpful information.

Buying a first home, especially in a very hot market like the Lower Mainland of B.C., can be a stressful and daunting experience. Working with Karson helped to relieve a lot of that stress, and give us a great deal of confidence and assurance.

I am happy to report that with Karson’s help, we found a home that we love, in the area that we wanted, that checks all of our boxes.
I will certainly turn to Karson in future if and when I am again in need of an agent to help buy or sell a home.

Chris Rae

My agent is a very responsible person! He helps me a lot in buying new room, analyzing the market situation and explaining every items in a professional way. Excellent agents!

David Lee

He is a professional and does impressive job because he takes good care of every single individual client. He will be right there with you and for you no matter where and when you are, if there is must-have opportunities for either buying or selling property. He double checks and triple checks like ‘HE’ buys his own properties. And to his clients, it’s always beneficial that Karson and his partner can fluently speak multiple languages to support clients in various situations. Yes we live in such a multicultural city, and Karson his Jennifer is perfectly ideal for your business in this adventurous real estate market. They walk through with you from scratch to the successful completion. For this reason, not only Karson and Jennifer is just agents to us, but also good friends for years and years. We want to never stop to refer Karson and Jennifer to people I know.


Without any doubt my wife and I chose Karson Wong to be our agent and filled every expectation (plus) we had. From our initial examination of our home to the final sale Karson Wong was a professional who walked us through each step and explained in detail what to expect. We highly recommend him and again personally thank him for making a complex transaction for us so easy. We would not only reuse him but recommend this professional to all who need his excellent services.


Karson is a very detailed-oriented professional. He will make sure you are comfortable with your purchase given your financial situation and market trends with real estate and your purpose of purchasing the property (i.e to live in / investment), highly recommended !!

Howard Kung

Karson is professional and helpful. He is good at his area and also considering your family’s needs. He is always patient for your questions and ready with solutions.
Karson 能够为客户考虑到各方面的需求,耐心,而且有经验,为我们在决定前提供足够的预案选择,让我们有所准备(包括实际行动以及心理上的准备),所以非常推荐他!

Becky Hui

Mr. Wong is a very professional agent. He helped us learn about purchased in, listened our requests, and answered our questions. He real knew what we want and gave us a good service.

Jin Xu

Karson Wong is a very dedicated agent. He works for his clients harder than any agent I used to work before.
To make my comment short, I will use his service again if I have a need for another property.

Wei Shen

Karson is an honest and very hard working realtor who tries his best to look for the best deals for his clients. Great service and I would definitely go back to him again.

Felix Li

I found Karson to be very professional and well organized. His knowledge and helpfulness in selling our home provided us with peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Steven Jasper

Karson was amazing to work with. He helped us find the house of our dreams in the area we wanted. He gave us great advice on exactly what to do to. He sold our townhouse quickly in one weekend of open houses. He is professional, personable, organized, efficient and he really cared about finding the right home for our family. If you want to find a home or sell your home, Karson is the best person to work with.

Wendy Meades

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