Why Choose Karson?


10 Reasons to Hire a Mike Ferry Trained Real Estate Agent

1.  I will always tell you the truth regarding the market and pricing comparables.

2.  I am an expert in our marketplace and I study the market statistics every day.

3.  I aggressively look for sellers and buyers for my listings 2-3 hours per day.

4.  I have over 10 years experience in customer service and developed strong customer communication skills.

5.  I follow a defined plan of action to get your home sold.

6.  I have the power to protect your equity by negotiating the best price for your home.

7.  I am in a network of the most highly trained Real Estate agents in North America to attract relocation buyers for your home.

8.  I work with my Coach weekly, strategizing how to sell your home for top market value in the shortest amount of time.

9.  I constantly improve my skills by attending at least two intense training seminars each year taught by the #1 Real Estate Coaching Company, The Mike Ferry Organization.

10.  I am committed to becoming a great salesperson… I invest $12,000 USD each year for a Mike Ferry Coach to help me develop my skills and hold me accountable to selling your home.